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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

We met Barb in November 2015. When we met her, we were explaining our desire to return to the area after living for nearly 5 years in TN. We communicated by email and cell phones throughout the Winter and Spring - We appreciated Barb's perseverance in "hanging in there" with us for the duration till we found a suitable home. We encountered a number of setbacks during those months of our search, but Barb never gave up on us and continued to put forth great effort to find us a home. Finally, in June, we were able to negotiate a contract on a home, closed on the sale of our home in TN, and moved here June 30! We would highly recommend Barb! 

While we were looking for a particular type of home, Barb never gave up. We could not have gotten a better realtor! When we began to think that the house for us was not on the market, she gave us hope until she found it.


Barb was very helpful, accommodating and very responsive to all questions. If she was unable to answer the question, she immediately reached out to get the information.

I bought two properties through Barb and both were nontypical. She handled all the ins and outs with patience and professionalism. She is always quick to respond and do what is asked of her. A good person and an excellent realtor.

Kelly was very helpful throughout the entire process and was always willing to do whatever needed to be done to keep the process moving. She was able to help guide us through the purchase of our first home. Thanks, Kelly!

Patti Quade is a top-notch, first-class individual who has the uncanny ability to think like her customers, anticipate their questions, anxieties and guide them on a smooth course through the whole process. I swear she has ESP as she would call us just to check-in and we would be like “Great - We have a question...” Job well done!

Mr. Wilson,

A special, special thank you to Patti Quade who was there for me from the beginning to the end. She is the most patient, reliable, nicest and most understanding person. A definite asset to your organization. I would call her, at times 5-6 times a day as well as weekends and evenings. She always responded within minutes. Always with an answer. No question was too much. She always left me feeling assured. She told me to call her anytime. You are truly blessed to have Patti on your team. She is outstanding!

You have been here since the very beginning, helping us every step of the way. We absolutely love our new home. Thank you for always being there to answer our many questions and explain the process to us “first time home buyers”! Guiding us every step of the way. Always cheering us on every step of the way and wanting this for us as much as we did. We can’t believe we live here! You made our dream come true. We are so grateful for everything you did.

Good afternoon Luke,

My name is David Scott. I met you this past spring at the model at Linden Woods. It was closed, but you opened up, got me information and answered questions. That is what lead us to build our second home from Michael’s Group. Your excellent staff including Tony, Kelsey, Laurie, Genevieve and Patti specifically kept us with you. Patti Quade went all out in helping us and making sure things went smoothly - even after hours. She is a great asset to have.

Mr. Wilson,

After our pre-construction meeting yesterday with Tom, Jonathan and Patti, my husband and I were impressed with how professional and knowledgeable your staff is. The whole meeting was very relaxed and pleasant and also detailed so that we felt total confidence in the whole process. All our questions were answered and now we look forward to the construction process!!

Patti Quade has been especially helpful, pleasant and professional during the whole process. I have spent the most time with her as my husband Lance is still working and very involved with teaching at SUNY. Patti and I had many meetings discussing options! She has been always very prompt and thorough in answering my questions, responding in both emails and phone calls. I can't even begin to tally all the hours we met face to face during this whole process since last summer! Most recently she spent two, three-hour sessions writing up my last-minute options on the famous Sales Change Order forms. She is the reason that we felt very prepared for the meeting yesterday. She had basically done all the work beforehand!  

You are to be complemented by having such an outstanding staff and excellent operation.

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