So, You're Thinking about Buying a Home?

Buying a home can be an intimidating process. Even though starting out on your hunt for a new home

might be daunting, we are here to make the process simpler for you. There are several ways to make the

home buying process less stressful, and even enjoyable. Starting with the right team of local and

experienced professionals is the first step. We, at Signature ONE Realty Group, can guide you to the most

knowledgeable and qualified professionals. We have a list of Real Estate Attorneys to choose from and

can help you get fixed pricing for their services as opposed to hourly charges.

This has the potential for significant savings.

Additionally, we know the most competent and skilled home inspectors and mortgage brokers. Today,

with so many online mortgage brokerage companies, it is hard to know whom to trust. With Signature

ONE Realty Group's thirty plus years of experience, we know how to protect your investment. Another issue

that you face as a buyer in a world where online housing searches are so prevalent is having to find out

all the details of the home that you're looking at. We will do our best to combat any problems that arise

before you invest your time or money into a property. We do everything in our power to maximize your

time without the pitfalls and blind spots of online real estate shopping.

If you are moving to the Capital Region from a different part of the country, or from abroad, we specialize

in catering to your unique needs, and finding you a home in a neighborhood that fits your lifestyle.