Discover the difference of our Marketing Program

An in depth and diversified marketing strategy will make a difference in the success of selling your home.

Signature ONE Realty Group’s focus is to provide a professional, inspiring, and detailed presentation about your

home, neighborhood, and city, where there is no question that your home stands out from all the competition

in the market place. Listed below is an overview of the extensive marketing you can expect to receive when

we are privileged with the responsibility of selling your home.

Professional Photography and Videos

  • Professional interior photographs of the entire house
  • Both front and rear exterior photographs
  • Video to enhance the experience of seeing your home as though the buyer is walking thru the property. 
  • Video of your neighborhood so the potential buyer can experience the features your neighborhood                                                           has to offer. Deciding on the right neighborhood is as important to a buyer as selecting the right home.                                                   The video will help sell the benefits of living in your neighborhood over the competition.

The Internet - Where most Buyers start their Home Search

The MLS listing is your home’s resume to other agents and buyers. Spending the time to ensure that the features

of your home are exceptionally well presented and distinguish your home from the competition is a very

important part of the marketing process. Many of the top rated real estate websites provide an opportunity to

enhance the basic information they receive from the local MLS with additional verbiage, pictures, and videos.

This is the reason Signature ONE Realty Group takes the time to enhance the written presentation with photographs

and video to give your home another competitive marketing advantage.

  • Your home will appear on the top-rated internet sites including, Yahoo Real Estate, Zillow,                                             Trulia, Zip realty, and many more.
  • website is a state of the art, consumer oriented real estate website that will                                             showcase your home.

Print Advertising

There are several excellent publications available to market your home locally, nationally, and internationally. 

Our market analysis will determine the best marketing approach to determine the best publications in which to

feature and showcase your home.

Direct Mail

  • Direct mail postcards are an effective method of targeting potential buyers for your home.
  • Our direct mail postcards are full color and invite potential buyers to contact us directly for private                                                 showings or a planned open house for the public.
  • Full color postcards will create a buzz about your home and help promote your home to potential buyers.

Professional Four Color Brochure

  • Professional pictures are important in the marketing of your home. A full color presentation of your                                                       home will emphasis and showcase the features of your home. 
  • Buyers buy emotionally, but they make a decision to actually write an offer based on the facts. We                                                       want to provide the buyer with many reasons to write you a good offer on your home.
  • This professional marketing brochure will be sent to local real estate agents, all buyers viewing your                                                   home and be featured our social media sites.
  • Your brochure will be located on our website so that any interested buyer will be able to print it immediately.

Networking with Other Agents in Other Companies

  • Networking with other agents to bring their buyers to your home is one of the most important aspects of                                                 our job.
  • When buyers are ready to purchase a home, they contact an agent to assist in the process. We want all the                                         agents in our area to know the features and benefits of your home.
  • With over 30 years working in the Capital Region, having served on the Women’s Council of Realtors,                                           Director of the Greater Capital Association of Realtors and NYS Realtors Association, networking is one                                                 of biggest strengths.We continually network with top producing and new agents to the industry. Reaching                                               out to our fellow agents to market your home thru broker opens, email marketing, calling and selling, and                                           being available at a moment’s notice to show your home when an another agent calls are critical to the                                         successful marketing of homes for sale.
  • Signature ONE Realty Group will always be available to assist another agent by being knowledgeable about your                                      home and excited to show your home to their buyers. Know that we, as your representative, will assist them in                                       every way possible to help sell your property.

Signature ONE Realty Group ~ The Ultimate Marketing Tool

  • With over 30 years of real estate selling experience and over one billion dollars in career sales, we know                                               how to effectively market your home.
  • Strategically implementing our marketing strategy results in reaching potential buyers both across the street                                           and across the globe.