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A Guide to Appliance Maintenance for New Homeowners

Buying home appliances is expensive. From dishwashers and refrigerators to espresso machines and water heaters, once they're fitted into a home, the responsibility of making sure they operate efficiently lies on the homeowner.

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Although it may seem like a daunting task for new homeowners, with the right repair tools and regular maintenance, you'll not only prevent the appliances from breaking down, but also keep your home looking its best. Here's a new homeowners' guide to proper and efficient appliance maintenance:


Clean the Dishwasher

As a new homeowner, one of the main appliances you'll use regularly is the dishwasher. While it is a cleaning machine in and of itself, keeping it clean will help it properly do its job. Maintaining your dishwasher ensures that your plates are clean and free from odors, smudges and bacteria. Start by cleaning the spray arm nozzles. Also, if the filters aren’t self-cleaning, be sure to clean them with vinegar, lemon juice or other recommended acidic solutions.


Inspect the Air Conditioner

We all know the value of a working home air conditioner. Unfortunately, AC units require regular maintenance. Occasionally, you'll need to check the air filters and ensure they're cleaned to get rid of clogging and dirt. Clogged filters can cause inefficiency and reduce the lifespan of your appliances. You’ll want to change out these filters several times per year for the best results.


Maintain the Water Heater

Water heaters also require a lot of maintenance. First, confirm that the pressure relief valve is working efficiently by trapping excess pressure created by hot water. Also, check any clogging in the waterway that may be caused by calcium buildup. Most importantly, develop the habit of draining water completely out of the heater tanks to release any settled sediments. If your water heater has technical problems, you should contact a professional water heater repair technician.


Clean the Refrigerator Coils

Refrigerators can be expensive to purchase and repair. Therefore, the last thing you would want is to have them break down. As a homeowner, you need to ensure the refrigerator coils are cleaned regularly and water filters changed to increase the cooling efficiency. Usually, you'll find the instructions for cleaning coils and changing filters on the manual pamphlet.


Oven and Stove Maintenance

You don't have much to worry about when it comes to oven and stove maintenance. The only responsibility you have is to ensure they are properly cleaned. This is particularly true on stove igniters which can be affected by food spills. You should also confirm that the oven doors are tightly sealed to increase energy efficiency and faster cooking.



Proper maintenance of your home appliances goes a long way in improving their efficiency and lifespan. As a new homeowner, the above-mentioned tips will ensure your appliances serve you best and for an extended period. For more technical maintenance, you can always contact experts in your area.



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